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Rural Emilia – Fourteen of July 2021

RuralEmilia is a project I’ve been working on since five or six years. I would like to witness the cohexistance of old rural landscapes in my area and incoming new industrial or housing areas. Old homes and new villas. Old ways and new ways. I know the old is quickly disappearing, I am 43 years […]


I took this picture minutes before 10 PM curfew, due to the “yellow zone restriction” still in force in May 2021 because of COVID-19 pandemic. A few people still wandering around, in awe at the view of this once crowded square. I sat on some steps in front of the Basilica and simply enjoyed the […]

A Storm Evolving

On Tuesday afternoon I was out at the park with my dogs, on Tuesday, me enjoying the warm May sun, them playing fetch. Suddenly, the temperature dropped by some Celsius degrees and a stiff wind began to blow. I noticed then that the clouds that just minutes before were well far away, had turned into […]

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